Oct3 The Donkeys Like it Yellow
3 oct – 6 oct
Journey on foot along the transhumance route from Cascian (PI) to Rosignano Marittimo LINK
Set27 In cammino, in ogni senso
27 set – 29 set
Seminar on sensoriality LINK
Set8 In the Mountains We Are All Equals IV
8 set – 14 set
Walking Trip from Bologna to Florence LINK
Ago31 Landing Party – Neptune Likes it Yellow Party at the end of the trip by Sailboat LINK
Ago29 The Way of Oropa with other eyes.
29 ago – 1 set
Walking Trip from Santhià to Santuario di Oropa LINK
Ago24 Neptune Likes it Yellow Naples, Press Conference LINK
Ago24 Neptune Likes it Yellow
24 ago – 31 ago
Sailing trip from Naples to the Island of Elba LINK