Certified DEIB Specialist

Consultant for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Belonging issues with particular experience on the subject of disability and reasonable accommodation.
He proposes equity and engagement strategies, training and customized company paths, including HR and recruitment support.


Introduction to DEIB and assesment
What do current policies say to prospective employees and clients? How can DEIB policies be stronger and more effective? We work with participants to assess DEI policies through a custom assessment tool and establish measurable and actionable goals related to DEIB principles.

Inclusive Language
Would you like to dlve deeper into the different aspects of inclusive communication or give your team confidence in using it? The awareness-raising and training formats are just right for this.
With both virtual and on-site training I support you with e-learning opportunities for inclusive communication.

Unconscious bias
How can we recognize personal bias in the workplace, in our work with communities and in our personal lives? Learn techniques to uncover, acknowledge, and correct personal bias.

Becoming an Inclusive Leader
Employees are adapting to remote work while simultaneously managing the whole of life’s demands. As organizations navigate new ways of working together, it is imperative for leaders to develop inclusive leadership behaviors (accountability, ownership, allyship, curiosity, humility, and courage) to foster an environment where employees feel trusted, valued, and psychologically safe.

Inclusive practices for People & Culture Teams
Learn about best practices across all employee lifecycle: attracting, recruiting, promoting, developing, evaluating and retaining employees

Keynote and Motivational Speaking

Available for motivational and informative speeches. Starting from his own personal story of diagnosis and acceptance of Usher syndrome, Dario Sorgato describes methods and strategies to face one’s own limits and turn them into opportunities. Passionate about inclusion, accessibility and assistive technology for all

TEDxBrescia (2017)

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Accessibility consultant

One of the best ways to promote inclusion is trough accessibility.
Dario is an accessibility consultant in regards to buildings, services, websites and apps.