Children of an algorithm god


What does the algorithm of fatigue, sweat, laughter know?
What does it know about the road, the mud and the stones.
The algorithm shows you what it thinks of you.
Because it looks at you, observes you, knows you.
Sometimes better than you know yourself.
We are scared of artificial intelligence, which will do things that we humans can’t even imagine.
But AI, like the algorithm, is a creation of humans.
A perverted creation made to sell.
Like the half liter bottles of mineral water.
Like disposable plastic.
Like cigarettes.
Like weapons of mass destruction.
Can AI really do worse?
And you, who are the son of an algorithm god, will see what you need to see and what you need to know.
You will see what sells, what pleases. What works.
And what works must have a precise style, keywords dictated by the SEO angel. The right hashtags, please.
Can you see Dante writing thinking about the algorithm or editorial rules?
Or Leopardi writing ‘A Silvia’ and tagging her because she is full of followers?
Because these are the rules of the algorithm god.
Stronger than those of any other god.
Because the other gods don’t make you sell more or make you feel more powerful.
The other gods ask you without giving you anything.
They never show up and if you say you see them they think you’re crazy.
The other gods want prayers and money instead of letting you earn it.
Then keep obeying the algorithm god.
Worship it.
Even if it’s the only one who deserves blasphemy.
Because it really exists.
And it deserves the dog, the pig and the motherfucker
The algorithm god will let you read this far if you’re just a little rebel.
Then you will know that this photo is the one that tells a good story.
You will know about the mud and sweat.
You will know about cheerfulness.
The algorithm god will never know all this and therefore we will be stronger and more powerful than it if we know how to remain human.

The photo was chosen from the newspaper IL MANIFESTO for the photo story a few weeks ago.
It portrays Ciccio and Dario, both visually impaired, leading the joelette, where Fabio sits.
the three are some of the  hikers who participated in #brigantieinclusivi

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