Timberland supports NoisyVision


Timberland is proud to announce the partnership with the ONLUS NoisyVision for the new Venture Out Together campaign with Greenstride Motion 6, in support of the community and inclusiveness in the outdoors.

NoisyVision aims to spread awareness of sensory disabilities, such as low vision and hearing loss, and the genetic conditions that can determine them, promoting a proactive approach to limits and involving the community through initiatives aimed at supporting a cultural paradigm shift with faced by the disability.

They create training meetings and, through excursions and outdoor activities, promote the inclusiveness of individuals with sensory disabilities, exploiting the privileged context of nature as a place to act and share experiences.

The choice of yellow, a color more easily perceived by the visually impaired, vital and energetic, is the key to the #YellowTheWorld campaign which connects the projects for a wider accessibility of environments and services to people with sensory disabilities.

Timberland wants to give Adventurous Doers the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature and to bring fairness and inclusiveness to the outdoors with Greenstride Motion 6 Hiker, an innovative and ecological style that offers comfort and breathability, and supporting the NoisyVision project by donating 5€ for each pair of Motion 6 sold.


To crown this partnership, Timberland collaborates with Cammini D’Italia, giving away a hiking weekend along the Materan path. By purchasing Greenstride Motion 6, you will have the opportunity to spend a weekend with the brand on a journey to discover nature by joining Cammini D’Italia, the largest trekking community in Italy.

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