La Girobussola Onlus

The association La Girobussola, born in Bologna in october 2013, promote mobility of people with visual disability, intended as an opportunity to live a complete experience of travel, meeting, dialogue and exchange with a community, outside of the mainstream tourist networks and organized “all inclusive” tours.
Our association’s aim is the development of real projects tending to promote the overcoming of the barriers impeding the fulfilling fruition of the travel experience for the person with visual disability.
After a careful research on our territory, and a specific attention on accessibility and the building of partnerships with different local institution, including public and private museums, La Girobussola defined specific itineraries of knowledge of the city, valorizing the multi-sensory approach for the comprehension of urban spaces and the architectonical, cultural and artistic wonders of Bologna and its land, providing tiflo-educational supports.
La Girobussola with “Bologna in all the senses” project realize guided tours with a duration from the half-day to three days, built on the very needs of the people, and suggest always new initiatives update with the cultural, artistic and musical opportunities offered by the territory.
Flexible structure of itineraries guarantees elasticity and adaptability to the request and needs of the participants, that can choose to join one of our activities or to create with us a personalized tour.
Finally, the association organizes laboratories of awareness aimed at a integrated using of senses as cognitive tools, also through opportunities of confrontation and dialogue with blind people and experiments in first-person of own perceptual ability.