To gift a visually impaired a book. Yes or no?


Yesterday was my birthday.
Come on, you can say that you like to see the Facebook wall clogged with wishes. Some unexpected, perhaps by someone you do not even know who he/she is. Greetings in all languages, from every corner of the planet.
Lately Facebook has become more intrusive than it already was, and so it’s almost automatic to send your best wishes. It reminds and suggests us to do it.
But that’s another story.
The story I want to write is about books.
It is since some time that I feel no pleasure in reading the paper books.
°Yes, but you know, feeling the paper, the smell, the texture. Curl the pages, underline, make a note … ”
And who gives a fuck?
No, I can no longer read paper books. I should install an additional lens on the glasses frame, find the right lighting conditions and the correct position to not hurt my back.
Since I bought the Kindle (electronic book) I discovered the enormous pleasure of reading.
While traveling in Peru I read three books. I read in the dark lying on the seat of the bus at night, I read on the plane, in the hotel room. Everywhere. What a joy. What a retrieved pleasure.
Some time ago a colleague has gifted me a book and to read it I had to buy the digital version.
I had promised myself to spread the news that to give me books was not the best thing.
But I did not.
And yesterday, for my birthday, I got four.
All paper books.

Fuck! I thought.
In the jovial atmosphere of the festivities I voiced my problems and maybe it was not edelicate toward those who had given me the books.
Some were still wrapped and did not know what books they were. I spoke random words.
The fact remains, regardless of the book.
But in all this I forgot some important factors, that only the clarity of the day after allowed me to see, especially after I saw the titles of the books themselves.
The book remains one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give.
They are beautiful objects to be displayed, which can go in any shelf, regardless of the style of decor.
The book is one of the most personal gifts. There is the story of the choice. There is the reason.
It can be a book that we liked a lot and you want your friend to read it, or it can be a book that the friend will surely appreciate.
With books you gift emotions, inspirations, dreams, a destination.

A digital book does not give all of this. Especially since Amazon does not yet allow to buy a book and send it to the account of the reciever.
On digital books you can not write dedications.
Digital books can not be exhibited, put on the table, on the nightstand.
The book remains a valuable object, and I hope it is for a long time.

SO what? How to combine things?
I will buy digital versions of books that were given me, they are quite cheap.
Or, if you really want to make a complete gift you may buy the book and a Amazon voucher 🙂

In other words fin the best way to do it but keep gifting your friends with books, even if they are visually impaired, blind or stupid.

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