TREATRUSH – Fighting blindness of Usher Syndrome

TREATRUSH (TreatRetUsher) is the name of a European research network, which aims at treating and fighting the blindness caused by Usher syndrome.

Study coordinator: Prof. Christine Petit, Paris, France

Clinical WP Coordinator: Prof E. Zrenner, Tuebingen, Germany

Aim: Recruit a cohort of 360 patients. Provide Genotype Phenotype correlation for Vision and hearing. Understand and validate the disease mechanism. Develop a therapy approach (in parallel)

Aim: 100 adult Usher patients and 20 Usher children in three centers:




The Tuebingen center has already 90 adults patients and looks for further 10 patients. It also looks for 20 children with Usher Syndrom or suspicion of Usher Syndrom.

A stay of two days in Tuebingen (or in the other cities) is necessary. Regular ophthalmological and ontological investigations are performed, including electroretinography and imaging techniques.

If you are interested to learn more about the TREATRUSH study, please contact

Christine Petit (scientific coordinator)
[email protected]

Olivier Lorentz (project manager)
[email protected]

PD Dr. Anne Kurtenbach
[email protected]