What is the shape of deafblindness?


What is this strange white thing? A stone? A shell? A bone? A sculpture?

As you try to guess, I think it is very difficult to understand what it is, unless you know the name: Deafblind Shape.
Maybe then you can make a more plausible hypothesis. We are beginning to realize that the various hollows resemble the imprint of a hand.

Surely if we could touch it live we would realize that actually fits in the hand, as if the imprint of a hand.
Two hands.
Two hands that want to meet, touch. Two hands that want to register in the matter their contact, their touch. The form seems to be just that, the solidification of a meeting, the evidence of a non-verbal communication, non-visual, tactile.
For deafblind the only possible.

The Deafblind Shape is a tactile symbol of deafblindnees realized by the artist Guido Dettoni, in collaboration with the Association APSOCECAT of Barcelona, a group of deafblind people, their families and professionals who follow them.
The form and its concept were inspired by the workshop Handsmatter.
During this workshop Deafblind people and their interveners share within their four hands malleable matter specifically designed for this purpose. The matter softens via the warmth of their hands and is hardened after shaping in a cool water basin.
There was no conscious intention to model something specific.
The four hands in and intertwined with the matter. The intervenor follows and enters into a passive state to support the process without thinking, only with a sensitive observation, leaving the other free to continue alone if he or she wanted.
At the endthe forms are an imprint of emotions and feelings generated by modeling the matter. A sort of fossil of the contact, touch and emotions

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