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My team and I are students from Island School, in Hong Kong. For our explorations group project we chose to focus on the issue of the visually impaired and the blind. We researched about this issue focussing on the area of HK and want to raise awareness for these people in need. The team contacted many different charities to know what their aims and goals, at the end we chose NoisyVision’s #yellowtheworld mission. The team wanted to know if Hong Kong was a suitable place for the visually impaired and the blind so we sent out volunteer student photographers from our school and also our own teammates to take photos of Hong Kong’s good and bad objects, places and designs. This worked out for us because all of us lived in different areas in Hong Kong and therefore we could show a good overview.

Hong Kong has many facilities that helps these people in need. They are installed in almost every main street in Hong Kong. New buildings such as shopping malls and commercial buildings have braille on lifts, escalators and staircases. There also parks that includes a braille map. Traffic lights not only have distinctive colours but also sound. Public transport are also equipped with these facilities.

The team compiled all the photos and created a photo album that will be submitted as our team’s final outcome and also hopefully sent to NoisyVision if that is possible! As a team we are proud to contribute to this ongoing project and hopefully help this campaign!

We would like to that Dario, the founder of NoisyVision to keep in contact with us and helping us understand more about this organisation and the project itself.



Aqua Tai – HK

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