Visione e percezione

Being Dario. The video that shows how you live with retinitis pigmentosa.

In these days I posted the video on youtube Being Dario. The draft idea came after the dust raised by…

Tuesday September 30th, 2014

Acoustic illusions

Auditory perception is a complex phenomenon, in which the physical characteristics of received sound, the physiological of the ear and…

Monday June 4th, 2012

Every one is the sense he has. Or why Noisyvision is NOISY-VISION?

Among the comments to the last post I published The music for an hearing impaired I found a very interesting…

Thursday October 27th, 2011

The prince and the white cane

Once upon a time there was a young prince named Serhu. He was the son of a king who found…

Monday October 10th, 2011

Hearing vs perceiving: how sound changes the meaning

As we talk we don’t pay attention to the synonyms of our language and we use them almost carelessly. Apparently.

Wednesday September 7th, 2011

When Usher Syndrome is a superpower. The considerations of a superhero with retinitis pigmentosa

Often when people hear about retinitis pigmentosa or Usher syndrome, they become sad, look down, they put a hand on…

Wednesday June 15th, 2011

How to survive the Usher Syndrome. Ruggero has five suggestions

In the article How much does who has retinitis pigmentosa see ? What does he/she see? one of our reader…

Friday May 6th, 2011

Synesthesia, a word for many senses

When I heard for the first time the word synesthesia, I never imagined it would be so deeply rooted in…

Thursday April 21st, 2011

Describe photos with words so the blind and visually impaired can see them

I recently described a photo taken by a photographer who is blind, with the aim of providing information readable by a screen redader so that other blind people can ‘see’ the picture and eventually the photographer may have feedback on what is…

Saturday April 9th, 2011