The Travelear app: Virtual Travel for Everyone

Wednesday May 27th, 2020

The experience of travel should be experienced by everyone, but opportunities to do so are often limited. This is where Travelear comes in, a virtual travel experience using immersive soundscapes of destinations around the world.

Recorded by professional audio engineers, these soundscapes utilize naturally recorded 3D Audio to put you the listener in the place where the soundscapes were recorded. All you have to do is put on a pair of headphones and pick an experience.

A trip to Hawaii’s famous Waikiki Beach, London’s timely flower market, or a New Orlean’s Jazz Festival. These are a couple of the most popular trips you can take.

“When my partner and I created Travelear” says Garett Martocello “we wanted to make sure that everyone could use it. That’s why we asked the community at to help us make the app fully accessible. They were terrific and helped us fully understand what we had to fix and improve to make our app accessible for everyone. That same year we were even nominated for an Applevis Golden Apple award!”

When we travel we tend to focus on the visual experience because of its predominance, unless the sound is really the main actor, like in the Medina of Fes, Morocco. But how much of the experience do we miss out because we do not pay enough attention to the sound?
Maybe thanks to this app we will learn to listen more, better, deeper.
We will learn about the details, like if we could look at a landscape trough a lens.
For these reason the app can helop the hearing impaired people to listen to sound details they would not hear in the real world.
Another advantage is for the blind and visually impaired people, who could really benefit from Travelear. as it offers an experience which goes beyond sight. And, why not, perhaps they become the main task force of sound creators!


What is 3D Audio?
Audio recorded the same way we hear, also known as 3D binaural audio.

What is a 3D Soundscape?
A 3D Soundscape is an audio recording that captures the sounds of an environment the same way we as humans hear. When you listen with headphones you’ll have an incredibly immersive experience that makes you think you’re really there!

Why record in 3D audio?
3D Audio is the best way for someone listening to a 3D Soundscape to re-live the experience of that environment.

You can also become a creator, meaning you can record a sound and make it available for the sound travelers.

Garrett and his team are proud of what they’ve created and after 4 years of the app running, accessibility improvements, and recording around the world they have over 60 soundscapes available in the app.

You can download the link below and start traveling right now. Happy listening.

The Travelear app in the App Store but you can try it on the web version as well.

The Travelear Podcast
Apple Podcasts
Spotify Podcast

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