The most popular blind YouTubers

Thursday August 2nd, 2018

YouTuber, also known as a YouTube personality or YouTube celebrity, is a type of internet celebrity and videographer who has gained popularity from their videos on the video-sharing website, YouTube.

In the fiedd of blindness and visual impairment there are some YouTuber who managed to get hundreds of thousands of subscribers and with their videos they help to change the perception about blind people, to change stereotypes and answer questions that might arise.
Can Blind People Draw?
How Do A Blind Person & A Deaf Person Communicate?
What Are The Differences Between Being Blind & Legally Blind?
How Blind People Dream

It is quite popular for blind YouTuber to use the channel to talk about blindness related topics, but a blind YouTuber is just a person and as any other YouTuber can be vloging about their favorite topics, like Moly Burke talks about fashion and makeup.

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Molly Burke
As a child, Burke was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which causes deterioration of the cells in the retina. Her vision began degrading continuously over the years leading up to 14, when she lost sight completely. YouTube became an escape, a place where she could still enjoy some of the things she liked before going blind: Makeup and fashion.

The Tommy Edison Experience
Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth (due to an underdeveloped optic nerve), uses humor to answer the most popular questions about living without sight and faces challenges which test his other senses.

Joy Ross
Ross, who lives in Washington State, started her channel four years ago. She films and edits her videos herself.
The project began as a Facebook page, called Through The Eyes Of Joy, and grew quickly at the beginning of 2018.

James Rath

Legally blind [Ocular Albinism, Nystagmus], filmmaker, accessibility activist, speaker. On his channel, he shares accessible technology and his experiences as a person living with blindness through films and vlogs.

She is educating the world about visual impairments and blindness.

Justin Holland
My name is Justin Holland and I am a Blind Bodybuilder and Blind YouTuber who records and edits my own videos. In 2016 I started going blind and it took only 6 months for me to lose my sight from a condition called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. It is my goal to motivate and inspire others that no matter the obstacles and challenges we are faced with in life we can overcome them and become a stronger version of ourselves and turn something negative into a positive. Fitness and bodybuilding has been a growing passion of mine since I was 14 but now it is my life.

Lucy Edwards
Blind, 22 year old makeup obsessed ginger woman who has a cute guide dog named Olga! She wants to prove that you can do anything if you are determined enough!

The Blind Life
The Blind Life is a representation of what is going on in my life and what I enjoy, all from the visually impaired perspective. I’m a big fan of mobile technology and Low vision accessibility, but I also can easily laugh at myself. I enjoy making videos to share tips and tricks of navigating life with low vision.

Derek Daniel – Life After SIght Loss
Dedicated to helping individuals and families discover life after sight loss. I provide encouragement, product reviews, life advice, how to’s and much more! I’m here for every VIP (Visually Impaired Person) and their sighted supporters!






  • my youtube channel is called louise arellano. I have videos about my time at summer camp, doing meal prep in the kitchen, and some videos about what I do in my daily life. I also have tutorials, and a few story time videos, and a video where I answer questions that people might have.

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