REtinitis Pigmentosa

My second sight with Argus II. Dorothea´s touching story.

It is a specialstory the one we share with you today.  Dorothea Kohlhaas was gifted with the retinal implant Second Sight Argus II. There…

Wednesday August 15th, 2018


- Hello Mom, it’s me. - Hello Dario. - I met a guy here, at the hostel, he told me that Retinitis Pigmentosa leads to blindness. - How? What do you mean? - He says that he has done community…

Saturday December 5th, 2015

The #YellowTheWorld crystal is still on Himalaya

There is a beautiful light. A perfectly blue sky. It is eight o’clock in the morning. The streets are almost…

Monday April 6th, 2015