Darkness and silence: Thoughts of Eclipses

There are days that I intend to shape my thoughts into words, to write a coherent post that is also…

Friday July 27th, 2018

Via degli Dei: when sensory journey becomes an emotional journey

Like an alchemist, Nadia knows how to distill the emotions that the passageway, la Via degli Dei, intended. She has…

Wednesday May 30th, 2018

If Venus stumbles. Between femininity and imperfections

For a lack of resources we were unable to translate this post in English. If you would like to help,…

Saturday April 21st, 2018

All the movies about blindness. All the blind people are making movie.

Videos and images are replacing more and more articles and posts, not to mention the books. Everyone can make a…

Saturday January 28th, 2017

Visually and Hearing impaired: it is expensive!

Some time ago I came across a video where a deafblind lady makes some interesting considerations associated with visual and…

Tuesday July 12th, 2011

Psychological aspects related to Usher Syndrome. How low vision and hearing loss transform the personality

Writing an article about psychology in relation to disability, and in particular, to Usher syndrome is a challenge not to…

Saturday June 25th, 2011

I’m not blind. I am VISUALLY IMPAIRED. How long will I still see for?

  Let’s say it, this time we were better. We Italians I mean. In our language there is the word IPOVISIONE, which defines a state of visual impairment that is not comparable to blindness.

Tuesday April 26th, 2011