The Best Hearing Technology for Usher Syndrome,

Transcript of the presentation during USH2020Connections Week, organized by the Usher Syndrome Coalition. Watche the video presentation here, with caption…

Monday October 19th, 2020

The music for an hearing impaired

I have not written about music yet. In a blog of/for the deaf and hearing impaired (and blind and visually…

Monday October 24th, 2011

Visually and Hearing impaired: it is expensive!

Some time ago I came across a video where a deafblind lady makes some interesting considerations associated with visual and…

Tuesday July 12th, 2011

I sordomuti non esistono. O sei sordo o sei ipoacusico. Alcune precisazioni

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian

Sunday July 3rd, 2011

Psychological aspects related to Usher Syndrome. How low vision and hearing loss transform the personality

Writing an article about psychology in relation to disability, and in particular, to Usher syndrome is a challenge not to…

Saturday June 25th, 2011

Useful tips for those who live and work with a deaf person with retinitis pigmentosa

In our Facebook page, which gradually increases its ‘Like’ we have recently opened a discussion in italian and one in…

Sunday May 15th, 2011

Learning a foreign language. Is it possible with hearing impairment?

My mother tongue (Muttersprache, I learned today) is Italian, I speak English quite well because I began to study it…

Saturday March 26th, 2011