I have Ground Sickness

Sunday July 31st, 2022

I have ground sickness.
This means I’m not fully back yet.
I’m on land but I still have movement inside.
As a boat leaves its wake, so the sea leaves its movement.
The water leaves its effects.
Water is the Yin element par excellence: this element represents the basic energy, the use of matter, the unconscious that becomes conscious.
Water releases emotions.
A week on the water, on the surface and inside could only do this.
Whatever they are.
They are not definable emotions.
They just are.
They could have the name of anger, pride, lightness, …
Pure emotions distilled by the sun.
Laying on the horizon.
Immersed in the blue.
I would like to tell how this trip went.
But it’s hard to tell how it went.
A week on the boat is very, very intense.
Where intensity is an inevitable consequence of the sea.
Of life on board.
Of the infernal heat.
Of the jellyfish.
Of Deserted beaches reached by swimming.
Of yellow cows.
Of Saddled seabream underwater.
Of the fiery sunset.
Of The smell of coffee while taking a swim in the morning.
Of The sound of the water pump in the middle of the night.
Of Mosquitoes, wasps, the peregrine falcon and everything that flies.
Of Baked shrimp.
Of Pastiss with ice.
Of Live music at the dock.
Of the engine that does not start.
Of the wind that doesn’t blow.
Of Sweat on the pillow.
Of Too hot water.
Of the disappearing land
Of Music on the bow.
Of the depth.
Of the individualities of the crew and relationships.
Of Respect.
Of songs.
Of Carrots.
Of love.
I didn’t invent the consequences of love.
Those had become a concrete pillar.
And here we are talking about something liquid.
Liquid like life.
Or its exact opposite.


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