Trekking with NoisyVision

8 months ago

Call them journeys on foot or trekkings days, they have now gone from favorite ways to spend holidays and free time.
It is a way of doing responsible, sustainable tourism. A way to really get into the landscape, to get to know nature, to discover the places, the history, the people.
Traveling on foot, you have time to talk to other travelers, to taste, to smell, to touch.
If done in a group it is also a way to meet new people and to have fun.
Not least the benefit of walking in itself, for the body and mind.

There are many reasons to choose this type of experience and we at NoisyVision know it well, so much so that we have decided to add a value: the discovery of one’s limits. Let it be low vision, blindness, hearing loss, deafness. Sensory disabilities become an opportunity to discover ourselves and nature even more deeply.

The Gods Like It Yellow

Year: 2016
Path: Way of Gods, from Bologna to Florence

The Donkeys Like it Yellow

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