The Donkeys Like It Yellow – A new accessible trekking

In May 2016, NoisyVision promoted a journey along the Via degli Dei, for the blind and partially sighted, The Gods Like It Yellow The event was a resounding success, thanks to the help of the volunteers of the CAI Bologna East, Mario Fantini section and the support of many people and institutions of the villages we passed, including the municipal administrations.

The benefits of Yoga for the blind

My name is Elisabetta and I have been practiving Yoga for many years under the guidance of several teachers. I started this practice after the meeting with the French Benedictine Father Jean Marie Déchanet, founder of Christian Yoga.

The best videos that show how one sees with low vision

Here is a collection of videos that explain how a person with low vision sees. It is ofteh nard to explain to other people how you see, but surely these videos are helpful to understand Retinitis PIgmentosa, Stargardt or Macular Degeneration.

See Bad, Feel Good. The book by Krister Inde

In June 2018 I had the pleasure of meeting Krister Inde in person. We were in Laško, Slovenia, both invited as speakers at the first low vision conference organized by the European Blind Union, the voice of the blind and partially sighted people in Europe The thing that struck me about Krister is the lightness with which he speaks about visual impairment, not just with words, but with all of himself.

Tactile ASL, talking hands

On the NoisyVision website we did not talk often about Sign Language. Yet among our members and friends there are people who use this way of communicating.