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The wall to be demolished: the depression of a deafblind.

The wall. "I want a better past." Diego de Silva If I have learned two things from my experience is,…

Sunday May 6th, 2018

Run4Usher #corrieimmaginadivolare

This post is only in Italia because the video is in Italian. You can still watch it.

Saturday April 14th, 2018

As you hope I will continue to live

Do you really believe they will find a cure for this damn disease (RP)? This is the question I wrote…

Friday June 2nd, 2017

The need to talk, to vent and … to laugh

Talking, talking, talking. There is the need to talk. There is the need to share the phases and the moments of this…

Sunday March 6th, 2016

Living with Usher Syndrome

Working  Reading  Looking  Going out  Travelling  Listening What does it mean to be an Usher (Type II)? You were born normal…

Saturday December 5th, 2015


- Hello Mom, it’s me. - Hello Dario. - I met a guy here, at the hostel, he told me that Retinitis Pigmentosa leads to blindness. - How? What do you mean? - He says that he has done community…

Saturday December 5th, 2015

Amo immaginare la mia vita come la trama di un romanzo mai scritto

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian

Friday December 4th, 2015

La mia storia di lotta e di vita

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian

Monday May 19th, 2014