How about joining NoisyVision?

NoisyVision is still a small community, and yet has already started to make a difference for the different members and volounteers involved in its activities. Sharing and communicating is at the heart of what we do, and each story is important. How about contributing with yours?

Why joining NoisyVision?

  • Meet with others, share your experiences, become stronger and help others overcome their fears too.
  • Help us creating a larger, structured network to help students, workers and citizens address their issues and find smart answers.
  • Not only through a screen: join and our events and our excursion projects.
  • How can I contribute?

    You love writing and have a passion for either music, literature, politics, science or more? Were your cultural passions shaped by a vision/hearing impairment, and how are they part of your life with it? You can share your powerful insights and become one of our bloggers.

    Are you a curious, always updated person, liking to be be informed and to inform? You can contribute to NoisyVision aggregator functions with links and documents, and help it provide a wider range of information by becoming a Content Editor.

    You already are a social-media pro, mastering the language of different platforms and able to reach interested people through the web? You could become our Social Media agent, the voice of NoisyVision on the web.

    You have ideas, proposals, projects on your own, other ways to contribute? Just contact us, and let us know the ways you could help!

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