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NoisyVision connects people, and lets them share resources and abilities to improve the life quality of those with visual/hearing impairments.

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Usher Syndrome

How I've learned to stop worrying and love my limits.

What is Usher Syndrome? Read our stories

Resources for Travelers With a Vision Impairment

A Passport and Poor Vision: Not a Combination that Should Curtail your Travel Adventures There is absolutely no reason why anyone with a vision impairment should be dissuaded from planning a travel itinerary that fulfills your ambitions to enjoy new experiences.

NoisyVision #YellowTheWorld Tour. Docu-film, talks and hikes.

We have finalized the calendar of the events of #YellowTheWorld Tour which will take palce in May. On board of CAMPER GIALLO we will reach several towns of north and center Italy to promote our initiatives and the new documentary 11/05 – PARMA – Screening of documentaries with Alessandro Mennella 12/05 – PARMA – Talk at  the MediterRetina Club Meeting 13/05 – BRESCIA – TEDxBrescia 14/05 – MONZUNO (BO) – Film: Anche Agli Dei Piace Giallo 15/05 – trekking from Monzuno to Passo della Futa.

Beyond Usher Syndrome. Two friends and two events in Parma

Alessandro Mennella, who suffers from Usher syndrome type I. Programmer, communicator, traveler and athlete. For years he runs several marathons with the support of RarePartners, non-profit company dedicated to the development of new therapies and diagnostic tools in the field of rare diseases.

How accessible are the cities and the places we live in? How could accessibility be improved? How difficult or easy is to travel in a given destination?
With the #YellowTheWorld map we collect stories of user experiences, to share best practices and help others to choose their travel destinations. Navigate the map, read other user experiences and tell us your story.
We care about you, we care about moving easily and safely. We want to #YellowTheWorld.

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Blindrafelagid, Icelandic organization of the visually impaired (BIOVI)

BIOVI was founded on August 19th 1939. BIOVI is a social force – human right orientated organization – that fights for independent, meaningful and responsible living condition for visually impaired people and that they are secured equal rights and opportunities to responsible, active and recognized participation in all sectors of our community.

PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V.

PRO RETINA Deutschland e. V.. was founded in 1977 as “German Retinitis Pigmentosa Association” for those affected and their families with the intention of a self help group.

Retina Italia Onlus

Retina Italia Onlus is the National Association for the fight against inherited retinal dystrophies. On of the main purpose is the promotion and development of scientific research for the identification of the causes, treatment and prevention of retinitis pigmentosa, macular degeneration, inherited retinal dystrophies and other diseases that cause low vision and blindness.

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